why do we read quran,even we cant understand a single arabic word???

haha.cm alim an??hehehe.act,ibu tetbe bwk blk 1 article niyh..cm tertarik lak ngn story ni...so y not tulis kt blog ni an?just 4 fun!:)

this is a beautiful story of an old american muslim lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern kentucky with his young grandson.each morning granpa was up early sitting at da kitchen table reading his qur'an.his grandson wanted 2 be just like him n tried 2 imitate him in every way he could.

one day da grandson asked,
"grandpa!i try 2 read the qur'an just like u but i dun understand it,n wut i do
understand i forget as soon as i close the book.wut good does reading da qur'an do?"
da grandfather quietly turned frm putting coal in da stove n replied,
"take this coal basket down 2 da river n bring me back a basket of water."
da boy did as he was told,but all da water leaked out before he got 2 da house.
da grandfaher laughed n said,
"u'll have 2 move a little faster next time,"
n sent him back 2 da river wif da basket 2 try again.dis time da boy ran faster,but again da basket was empty before he returned home.out of breath,he told his grandfather dat it was impossible 2 carry water in a basket,n he went 2 get a bucket instead.
da old man said,
"i dun want a bucket of water,i want a basket of water.u're just not trying hard enough"
n he went out da door 2 watch da boy try again.
at this point,da boy knew it was impossible,but he wanted 2 show his grandfather dat even if he ran as fast as he could,da water would leak out before he got back 2 house.da boy again dipped da basket into river n ran hard,but when he reached his grandfather da basket was again empty.out of breath,he said,
"see grandpa,it's useless!"
"so u think it useless?",da old man said,
"look at da basket"
the boy looked at da basket n 4 da 1st time realized dat da basket was different.it had been transformed frm a dirty old coal basket n was now clean,inside n out.
"son,that's wut happens when u read da qur'an.u might not understand r remember everything,but when u read it,u will be changed,inside n outside.that is da work of ALLAH in our life."

abish laaa cte ni.x tao laa tp rse cm best lak story ni..ade makne yg mendlm..hehehee.t klo ade mne2 lg story yg best2,ill post it here!:P

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