secret garden

nampaknyee aku semakin selalu update blog!:P
almaklumlaaa org da abis final!:P
actually,after final jep aku teros layan korean drama ni!
name tajuk die SECRET GARDEN.
korang try laaa tengok!
tp byk sgt episode die!
ade 20,tp aku bru tgk smpi ep.11 jep~=(
walaupun hero drama ni xde laaa hensem mane pown,tp disebabkan lakonan die,aku rase die sgt howt!
*aku slalu mcmni!:(*
nilaaa muke hero die.xhensem kan?haha

hero die ni sangat menarik perhatian aku!
walaupun pompuan 2 buat macam2 dekat die,yet,die still sayang pompuan 2...
xleh pown nak let go die..
pompuan 2 da wat macam2 yang kalo aku jadi laki 2,da lama aku tinggalkn!:P
tapi biasalaa kan,DRAMA!kalo in reality,MIMPILAH!haha
tapi kan best kalo laki aku camni...terima aku seadanya and always love me!
tahan karenah aku~xsakitkan ati aku~♥.
*okie.aku kena stop berangan!*

aku xnak cte sgt drama ni pasal ape.tp,akn ade 1 part nanti badan hero n heroin akan switched with each other.
comel sgt bile badan dorg bertukar!
ni sala 1 scene badan dorang switched!comel sgt3!hee

so,for those yang banyak sangat masa and xtao nak wat ape,korang trylaa layan cte ni!
tp for those yang tengah busy and X HABIS FINAL LAGI*sje show off*,korang xyah laa tgk k!
saba2 naaa~:P
t da abis final,tgklaaa!hee~

kau kuat!

aku tao ko kuat..
tlg jgn deny!
ko org yg membuat aku kuat!

so ko mesti kuat!
u are the one that hug me so hard when i need someone to support me!

ape ko ckp kat aku mase dkt palam 2???
tlg ingat,syg!
sbb aku xkan lupe!
kite same!
ko syg die?aku pwn!
aku pwn rase cam ap yg ko rase..
jgn ckp perasaan aku ni len ngn ko..
sbb,aku,AKU X PERNA SYG ORG BEFORE NI!macam ko jgk..
sbb die baik???org yg aku syg ni pwn baik!sape yg rase org yg die syg jahat???
ko nampak yg die da x syg aku lg????
aku pwn same!
do like me.
try syg try!
im here to support u...
dont say no before u try!
kalo da try,mane tao ur effort is not enough for u to forget him!
weyh,aku ckp ngn ko,kalo ko betol2 paham aku,ko rase aku da lupe die???
ko pikir sendiri,aku x kan bgtao kat cni..

so tlg jgn ckp ko x kuat!
ure stronger than  me!

tlg percaye kat aku..
i dont want to tell you why i asked u to do that sort of thing..
sbb aku x kan bagitao kenape..
u just need to trust me..
but if u prefer to trust him more..
its ok..
i just need to hope u will be happy...
because i have try my best...
my really best to help you without having any fight...
and dont come to me and share some sweet memory of u and him!
because i dont want to hear about it because i know,the probability of  u get hurt after this is high!
maybe u will say that,u WILL BE FINE!
but hello,i know my friend!u cant lie to me!
u know that right????
i will feel like im not good enough to be ur friend!
because i cant do anything so that my friend will not hurt in the future!
sgt comel+sweet!:)

but,if someday,u marry with him,u are free to talk about him!
share with me!
i will hear it with pleasure!


i hope u will read this with peace

hello there!
actually,i don’t have any intention to update this blog!
but i don’t know why,i just need to tell something here because i don’t know how to say it without hurting anybody..
but i know i will,especially when i write it here!
i don’t post this entry to fight with anybody!
so don’t get any hard feeling when u read this!
u know,
sometimes,we just need to learn when to hide our feeling and when we should express it!
Especially when you want to express your loved to your special one!
u know,sometimes,we just need to accept what HE give to us!
there must be a reason why HE let something happen to u!
if someone don’t love u but u love him so much,u have to do something to stop loving him!
i know it is hard for u to forget someone that u loved
someone that u really3 trust and really3 kind to you!
who know u really well and can make u feel happy even u have many problems!
a person who makes ur life brighter and even make u dont know what is the feeling of SAD!

but hell yeah!u can if u want to!
it is just that u afraid to feel alone!
u afraid to face the truth that he is not the one that love u anymore!
and of course,u just afraid to lost him!
u will and ABSOLUTELY feel that as long as u with him,u will not feel so much hurt rather than he leave u!
as long as he keep with u,it is ok to u!
no matter what he do,what he say and what he think!

i know very well this kind of feeling!
maybe u would say,im different from u!
but what i feel right now is just the same with u!
he leave me alone but i love him so much!
i cant live without him!
i need him by my side!
i give him my heart,my soul and almost everything to him!
does this mean he cant leave me and will be by my side forever????
does loving him will guarantee me that he will love me forever???

what should i do???
should i keep thinking that i cant live without him???

i still have to move on with my life!
he will not come back to me!
even if i cry so much until i blind,i cant make him love me back!

u cant force someone to love u!

perhaps u might think that  u do not have any intention to force him.
but if u always say or write that u love him,like him,cannot live without him in somewhere public,do you think he do not feel anything?
especially when you know he will absolutely know what u feel when u write it or say it there.
i know you need to express what u feel,but u can make other solution right?
maybe u can create another place for u to say about him!
a place that you know he will never reach and know about it!
this is just an option from me...i dont want anybody to know that u love him so much..
lets see if u are at his place!
think,what would you do if this kind of thing happen to u??
is someone love u so much but u just cant give your heart to him?
that is what i did!
and it really help!

i don’t say u cant love him...but,
u know,sometimes we just need to hide what we feel!
especially from him!
the one that we loved!
because we did not fall in love with someone on the condition he will love us too...there are no condition in love...
so keep loving him!
i don’t ask u to straight away forget him!

i just want u to give a try!
even  tough its hurt, but it must be a reason why something happen to us!
just believe in HIM and our fate!
then,everything will be ok!
u will feel some peace in your heart when u let him go..
because,when u see the one that u loved happy without u..u should be happy too!
as long as he can smiling brightly without your absence,it is absolutely ok!
do u understand??
i hope so..
please33,don’t think that i want to have some fight with you!
yeah,you who know this is for YOU!:)

why??because im not writing this entry so that i will lost my friend!
my really2 true friend!
i dont want this entry to be the reason why we cant be like before!
i dont  want him to be the reason why i lost my friend!

i dont want my friend,ANY OF MY FRIEND,to feel what i feel!
i hope u understand!

this picture tells everything!:)

p/s:this entry is longer than i thought!=_=