it has been a while since i last wrote something on my blog..i just dun have mud 2 write a new post!haha.as i dun have 2 go 2 school anymore(which i cant wait when i was still f.5),i just feel so boring 2 just sit in front of laptop,eating,sleeping,n doing some stupid stuff!i really need some entertainment!n thnx god,ili,fara and irena asked me out!act,it was on new year but i just have mud 2 share wif u now...so ill just continue on wut happened on dat day...

dat day,i woke up as usual n got some missed calls frm uncle nasa..ermmm dia nk ajr mandu lak..
so on je laa n i drove the car frm 4 till 6 pm..well,it was my 2nd time 2 drove on da road...n my 1st time was better than this!ade laa guk dlm 3/4 kali mati enjin!hoho.its totally sux!xpecially when i drove car back 2 home at 6pm..theres so many cars!yelaaa org bru blk keje..n i really hate traffic lights!xpecially bila lmpu merah!hahahaha

den blk 2,bru nk tuka bju,tetbe kak chik ajk p kedai..mule2 mls guk,tp rse cm da lme lak x jln2 kt tmn..hehehee.so g jelaaaa tp cm bosan lak klo jln 2 org..jauh 2 nk jln!(x de laa jauh sgt sbnrnye).so ajk laa nana skali..hehee.ble da smpi kat kedai tgk rmi lak mat2 moto niyh!(i really hate it!)masing2 sebuk nk bwk laju2 dgn bunyik yg sgt bising!urgghhhhh sumpa BAJET!(im just being honest!:P).so cpt2 laa beli brg kat ctu..den dpt lak meseg frm fara ajk kuar..ingatkn nk jln2 kat tmn jerk..tetbe ili lak anta meseg tp dia ckp nk g jusco.fara kate jom kuar(dia x ckp p jusco).haahahaa i know im so blur!tp dat meseg was quite confusing!:P

den,we decided 2 go out at 8pm,but,i dun have any money!this really makes me wun 2 go back 2 school!at least ill get some money!haha.den i asked my mother to go out n surprisingly she let me go!den i asked her some money but she also got no money!urghhhhhhh...its SUX!den after collecting money frm my siblings,i got rm11 on my hand!hahahahaa sumpah ckit!but,i had took my dinner,so this money can be used 2 watch movie!

after dat,around 8++,fara called me n said she was in front of my house,so i came out n saw irena on the front seat!owww dia pown ikut upenye!it was my 1st time 2 see her after spm!it had been so long since we met each other!rindu gleee!den kiteorg pown smpi laaa jusco..jusco was so full n theres n0 parking!so kteorg(irena n i ) kuar n tgk laa movie yg ade while ili n fara crk parking..klo movie x de yg best,we decided 2 go 2 mbo..hehehe.irena n i decided 2 watch the movie at mbo,so we went 2 the parking lot.den i saw 1 car which looked exactly like ili's!banglaaa!confidently,i went 2 the car n open the back door!OMG!CRAP!da person inside the car looked at me n it was a guy!dush~sala msk kete!n irena melulu jerk jln wat2 cm x kenal!hahaha.pasni kene hafal no plat ili!malu gleee!

kteorg crk2 kete ili x jumpe2,den msk blk kat tmpt wayang,den nmpk laa dorg,fara lak lapa..so we went 2 food court!but before dat,fara nk beli gula pasir(mak dia kte gule pasir nek harge).so kteorg belilaa n mkn3..den bla dr jusco after amik gampar kat roof!hahaa.den we go 2 mbo n watch morgan..bleh thn laaa cte 2.tp kteorg still kt dlm wayang till 12.30..kteorg smbut laaa new year dlm wayang,x sempat nk tgk fireworks!haha.wak2 2 da cuak guk laaa sbb takut ibu mara an..so,i called my parent n said ill sleep at irena's house..tp dia suh blk guk!so tawakkal je laaa..

den kuar dr wayang terjumpe lak 1 kete niyh yg sgt selfish!ade ke ptt dia p park kete kat laluan 4 kete kuar dr parking lot 2!(ape tah nmenye!:P)so ili pown bersusah pyh laaaaa kuar dr ctu..mmg fuck glee!ahha kuar2 jerk jln jam..wak2 2 byk org bru kuar dr pub,so rse cm g ctu lak.upenyee jln jam sbb ade kete park kat laluan jln 2!urghh so many selfish person on dat day!ahaaaa.den dlm kul 1(i think so,forgot already!)kteorg smpi dpn umah irena,den ili ajk g beli burger kat ijan..after facing mamat2  saiko kat sne,kteorg pown blk umah..(thnx ili 4 da burger!).smpi umah dlm kul 1.10++ den tros msk blk ibu..tawakkal jerk klo dia membebel.heehe..tp msk pas slm,tgk dorg slumber jerk,concentrate ngn cite korea dorg..so mknenyee dorg x mara laa an!i was so lucky!klo slalu mest da kne mara!hehee
den mkn2 burger ili n on9...dats all..but i really2 enjoy my day wif them!this is my 1st time 2 went back late n celebrate new year wif my frenz!

p/s:i dun take da pict frm irena yet,so therell be no picture on dis post!:P


.sofia. said...

belagak ea nan lesen kau.
jaja,rindukau gux.
aku da nk blah ke tganu dahh
syg ko

jaja said...

mne de blaguk!
t leh jumpe ko~
rindu ko glee babeng!

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