I miss my old me.
I miss myself who is hard to cry.
I miss myself who is always laughing.
I miss myself who is always available for her friends.
I miss myself who do not think so hard.
I miss myself who do not involve with any love matters.
I miss myself who can manage her feelings.
I miss myself who is not so sensitive.
I miss myself who do not need a man in her life.
I miss myself who do not become coward easily.
I miss myself who do not become so ‘gedik’.
I miss myself who do not 25/7 with her phone.
I miss myself who love 2 gossips.
I miss myself who take care of her friends so much and always think about them.
I miss myself who always have enough credits when my friends text me or need me to solve their problems.

I know...
 I really know...
I’m changing!
Every1 is changing.....
So do me...
Right now...at this moment...I just missed my old me BADLY!
I know...
I can’t change myself into the old 1...
I can’t make a U-turn ...even if I want 2, it will be really hard....

Dear Friends, 
I want to tell u...
Even tough I’m changing...
U will always be inside my mind and heart...
Our memories together will never fade!
I will always remember our moments together...
I love all of u!
Really2 miss u all...

Thanks to all my friends for giving me support when I need it.
Thanks to all my friends that calm me down when I was so afraid to get my results.
Thanks to all my friends that hear my problems.

i know, 
u have 2 hear many problems from me.
N it’s not serious problems at all.
It’s just a simple matter.
but I took it seriously!T__T
u doesn’t say anything about it...
U just listens to me...
Thanks to u,my friends!
Especially my bestfriends*spe trase angkat tgn cpt!:)*

Last but not least,
sye syg awk smue sgt33!kalo awk x syg sye pwn xpe..sbb sye yakin awk tipu!:P

special thanks to:
pu3 friends
uia friends
all my bestfriends!
syg kamo smue sgt333!:)

p/s:my result is not so good but ALHAMDULILLAH:).anyway,.hate 2 say this,but,i have 2 repeat my English!n it have 9 credit hours!OMG!but its ok.becoz i pass other papers.what HE give to me is more than enough.THANX ALLAH!:)*wlupun kadang2 terdetik jgk cm sedih!:)*



Anonymous said...

*angkat tangan* sayang awak jugak! :D takpe, perubahan itu pasti.

jaja said...

aku smalam pwn tgh penin nk mati.
2 yg mrepek 2 agknyee.

.sofia. said...

SAYE PUN SAYANG AWAK ! *angkat tgn ! (:

haizeer said...

kteorg sume syg kt ko jgk la...hee~
b hepy k...
aq nk angkt tgn..tp t ad yg jelez...huhu..

jaja said...

sophie,yeeaayyyyy~~~awk angkat tgn!!:)
haizeer,wah!terharu ak ko bce~:).weyh,angkat laa tgn~:(

Anonymous said...

ibu pun angkat tangan dan kakilah coz i sayang u lebih and even more than anyone else.apa-apa pun i love u more tahn words can say

jaja said...

mami,thanks sgt22!
tp x yah laa angkat kaki n tgn ibu~

ainatul_ulala said...

no matter wt,,u alwayz be my bestest fren,,n will never be forgotten,,syg kam0o,,*angkat due2 tgn*..;)

jaja said...

awwww~thnx iyla!!heart ko byk222!:)