no title..


this is what i feel right now..
im so sad...
yet,i need to smile..
i need to be strong..
so,i make fake smile and hoping it will be real..
and hell yeah,this does not help me..
i still feel the same..
perhaps i need to be more patience...
actually,i want to share 1song that really3 make me touch this night...
feel free to listen to this song..
i love this lyrics..

okie..im so weak right now..
i really need someone to hug me right now..
will u?
this is hard for me..
i want to get over this..
if u want to see me hurt,yes,u did it really well!
so please..dont make me hurt anymore...
i just want to be happy!
i want my life back..

okie..bye2 everyone...
sorry sbb entry mengarut...


hani khalidah said...

be strong my lovely sister..i'll awayz be by ur side :)

tira azhar said...

hug each other okay. :)

jaja said...

tira,yup2!i really33 need it now~=((