Dear mummy,

im so glad 4 having such a great mummy in my life!♥
thanks 4 all ur loves and concern!
thanks mummy 4 
always be patient with me n others!

thanks 4 being a really good mother to us!
im so glad to have u as my mother!

thanks god 4 giving me chance 2 have this kind of mother!:)
thanks 4 everything mummy!!
i always loves u!=)

Dear mummy,

u are my mother who will always try her best to make her children happy!♥
trying her best to not be touched by her children's attitude!
cook whenever her children are hungry!*especially kakcik!:P*
advise her children when they are doing something wrong!
and even try her best to understand her children better!
u always listen to our joy,happiness and sadness!
u always there when we feel needed!
no one can replace u!
no one can be as good as u!
thanks 4 everything!!
what u have done to us( Hani Khalidah HanafiHanif MeawDayah HanafiNana HanafiHanis Hanafi) will always be in our heart!
we love u!!
sorry 4 not being such a good children 4 u!
hopefully,we all can make u happy with ur life!:)
i hope u will have a good life after this with ur beloved husband,our irreplaceable daddy!♥
happy mother's day,mummy!!
you're the best among the best!!

with love,
jaja hanafi.=)

for me,everyday is mother's day!i love my mother everyday n not only today!
today,i cant go home..so its disappointing because i want to celebrate this day together with my family!
my siblings had plan something to surprise her but i am not there to join them!
what to do...my final is just around da corner!='(
HAPPY MOTHER's day to all mothers out there!
friends,please say happy mother's day to your mum on behalf of me,ok????


pocie_boss said...

pic family lame.... time nie x ckop bulat lg kn.... hahahahahaa

jaja said...

eh2~time 2 da bulat da~