some people show their pain to others,spill it out and make a lot of efforts to feel relief...
but then,i cant..i keep it inside..and it hurts me even more..
but i dont know how to let go of this pain.
i lied to myself..
creating something to let it go there and make it private so that nobody knows.
lied to people around me..
doing stupid things..
and hoping i will be fine..
i do feel better.
but then,there will be time when i feel that pain again..
and every time i feel it again,it has become more painful..
i dont want to be like this!
i hate it..
someone,please change ur heart with me.=')
mine is so weak for me to handle.



zahid_pocie said...

suda2 laaa 2....... sampai bile tembikai oiii~

jaja said...

hahahaha.entahlah labu...=')

[Dr Nu@r] said...

meh, change your heart with mine. I got stronger. :D